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About ISC

The power of storytelling is unquestionable. We are all storytellers and we live our lives through a network of stories.

The cornerstone of the International Storytelling Center is a belief in a single, immutable principle of life—storytelling. People crave, remember, and honor stories.

And now, after years of scientific research in 17 different fields, analysts conclude that storytelling is our most powerful tool for effective communication.

Each of us has the power to tap into our stories, our narrative assets, to become better communicators—to entertain, to share our history and culture, to spread knowledge, to persuade, to advance a cause, to teach, to dream a vision of the future.

If you are planning your visit, preview The International Storytelling Center using our Virtual Tour or visit the Google Art Project.

The International Storytelling Center is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. 

Our Partnerships

Network of partners including individuals and organizations.

Our Team

Our Team

Collaboration drives everything we do.

Jimmy Neil Smith introduces Community Programming

Areas of Interest

Performance, preservation and professional practice of storytelling

story circle

Our Story

The mission, vision and history of the Center