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Meet Maeva Ordaz

Seven Hidden Gems at the National Storytelling Festival

Seeing Southern: Shortest Distance Between People

The National Storytelling Festival Livestream

2015 National Storytelling Festival Schedule Now Available

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ISC Partners with Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Storytelling Theater with Jay O’Callahan

    Storytelling Theater Featuring Jay O’Callahan

    Falling for Emily Dickinson
    Saturday, October 3 · 8:00 pm
    Mary B. Martin Storytelling Hall
    Separate ticket required, $15 all ages.

    Emily Dickinson was famously reclusive. So how did she know so much about life? Enter the poet’s mysterious and passionate world with Jay O’Callahan, whose fascination with this extraordinary woman led to his creation of Falling for Emily Dickinson.

    Call (800) 952-8392, ext. 221 or (423) 753-2171 for tickets or more information.

    Tickets on sale now for Jay O’Callahan’s Storytelling Theater

    2015 Storytelling Studio Schedule Announced

    Storytelling Studios

      During the National Storytelling Festival, come inside the Storytelling Studio for up-close and revealing interviews with some of storytelling’s most exciting voices.  A one-time only opportunity, these fascinating and intimate conversations offer listeners an up-close and revealing look at some of their favorite tellers in the theater of the Mary B. Martin Storytelling Hall. 

      Tickets are $15 and on sale now.  Call (800) 952-8392, ext. 221 or (423) 753-2171 for tickets or more information.  Seating is limited (and usually sells out quickly!), so be sure to reserve your seat soon.

      2015 Storytelling Studios

      On the Road Again
      Andy Offutt Irwin, Bil Lepp and Kim Weitkamp
      Saturday, October 3 · 10:00 am
      Join Bil, Andy, and Kim as they reveal the stories behind their seven years of touring together as the Uncalled for Trio—their creative process, manic holiday road trips and all the happy accidents that make working together seem more like play.

      Beyond Storytelling
      Donald Davis
      Saturday, October 3 · 1:00 pm
      Donald Davis is known for telling stories about his life. But this studio is about how it works the other way around—what happens when your life is all about telling stories. Donald talks about the important lessons he’s picked up along life’s path, and his way of passing those along to others through story.

      Blood, Sweat and Steers
      Waddie Mitchell
      Saturday, October 3, 2:30 PM
      Waddie Mitchell’s father gave him the nickname before he knew for sure. But he was right—the word waddie is slang for cowboy, and that’s exactly what Waddie became. Earning wages on the ranch before he turned 10 and riding the wagons by 16, he spent 26 years as a working cowboy before going on to become America’s most famous cowboy poet. Join him for this studio looking back at a long life on the range.

      Story Slam!

      Old School, New Rules

        Thank you to all who entered the National Storytelling Festival’s 4th annual Story Slam and congratulations to those chosen to participate!

        Cooper Braun
        Will Fritzmeier
        Linda Goodman
        Bob Reiser
        Anne Rutherford
        Wanda Violet

        The competition will be held on Saturday, October 3rd at 5:30 pm in Creekside Tent. See you there!

        2015 Story Slam

        Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

        The International Storytelling Center (ISC) and Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort have joined forces to highlight the art of storytelling.  The new resort is committed to maintaining and building new multigenerational storytelling traditions. The partnership leverages ISC’s expertise in planning, designing and using storytelling to assist with training, performances and other special activities that incorporate the art of storytelling into the DreamMore Resort experience.

        The ISC To-Do List: National Storytelling Festival Edition

        Adventures in Education

        Meet Steve Killelea

        ISC Remembers Roslyn

        Summer Interns Hard at Work

        Download the Official ISC App

        An Interview about the Power of Storytelling

        The Transformative Power of Storytelling

        ISC Library Named for Jim and Sonia King

        International Nelson Mandela Day

        ISC Exhibit App

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          Download the International Storytelling Center app for access to information on Storytelling for Peace, the Power of Storytelling and the National Storytelling Festival. Save your favorite story, to enjoy offline and share via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

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          Storytelling for Peace
          What do the latest summer blockbuster movie, a captivating third grade teacher, a doctor with a gracious bedside manner, and a successful peace negotiator all have in common? They all help to build a better life, a better world through the power of storytelling. Whether to entertain, educate, heal, or resolve conflict, stories are the most fundamental way that we connect. 

          The Power of Storytelling
          Established as a non-profit educational and cultural institution ISC produces over 300 hours of live performances, engages 65 world-class professional storytellers, touches thousands of lives each year and fosters storytelling programs across the global stage, fulfilling its vision to build a better life and a better world through the power of storytelling. 

          National Storytelling Festival
          Many years ago, in a distant kingdom known as America, 60 people gathered in a tiny town in Tennessee to indulge in a simple, but nearly forgotten, tradition: storytelling. From those humble beginnings, a storytelling revival was born. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Jonesborough, the storytelling capital of the world, The International Storytelling Center continues to produce the oldest and most prestigious event in the world devoted exclusively to arts of storytelling; The National Storytelling Festival.

          Will McInerney

          Rixon Lane

          R. Jim Stahl

          Oba William King

          Anne Rutherford

          Natalie Daise

          R. Jim Stahl

          Anne Rutherford

          Oba William King

          Will McInerney

          Rixon Lane

          Natalie Daise

          Stories That Are Changing the World: A Report from Brazil

          Peace be with you, through storytelling

          National Storytelling Festival Named Top Tourist Attraction

          Introducing ISC’s Youngest Volunteer

          Brain injury survivors are storytelling their way to recovery

          This week’s teller in residence: Kate Campbell

          Becky Harrell

          Pre-Festival Concert featuring Donald Davis

          Donald Davis

            A Pre-Festival Event featuring Donald Davis

            Wednesday, September 30 - 7:30 P.M.
            Library Tent on the Festival Grounds

            It Happened in Church…But We All Survived
            Hear Donald’s stories of growing up in a family addicted to Methodism! Featured at festivals throughout the U.S. and world, Davis is know as a prolific author and recording artist.

            Separate ticket required, $15 all ages.  For tickets or information call 800-952-8392 or Buy Now!

            For other ticket options to Donald’s Tellers-in-Residence week.

            Visit Donald’s website.

            *photo by Fresh Air Photo

            Festival Workshop presented by Minton Sparks

            Minton Sparks

              A Pre-Festival Workshop presented by Minton Sparks

              Thursday, October 1 - 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. •  Fee $75
              Class size is limited. Register early.
              Mary B. Martin Storytelling Hall

              Burn Through Your Story: A Writing Workshop
              Each one of us a story about who we are. Through this writing workshop, Minton, founder of the Nashville Writing and Performance Institute, offers a unique opportunity to explore your family tree, listen deeply to your own story, and locate yourself within a particular time and place – all while learning new storytelling techniques. No writing experience necessary.

              For reservations or information call 800-952-8392 or Buy Now!

              Visit Minton’s website.

              Pre-Festival Concert featuring Jeanne Robertson

              Jeanne Robertson

                Sponsored by Carnegie Hotel

                A Pre-Festival Concert Featuring Jeanne Robertson

                Thursday, October 1 - 7:30 P.M.
                Library Tent on the Festival Grounds
                Separate ticket required, $20 all ages.  Buy Now!

                A nationally-known, award winning humorist and author, Jeanne has been featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes, performed at the White House, and can be heard daily on Sirius XM Radio, where millions nationwide hear her speak two lanugages fluently: English — and Southern!

                For tickets or more information call 800-952-8392 or click here to buy online

                Visit Jeanne’s website.

                The evolution of storytelling in WNC

                This week’s teller in residence: Pipp Gillette

                This week’s teller in residence: Andy Offutt Irwin

                In Memoriam, Syd Lieberman

                Storytelling Live! Spotlight: Andy Offutt Irwin

                ISC to attend White House Summit

                This week’s teller in residence: Elizabeth Ellis

                Storytelling for Peace

                ISC Remembers Syd Lieberman

                This week’s teller in residence: Connie Regan-Blake

                ISC Remembers Guy Hughes Carawan

                Meet the Tellers

                Dreaming Big with Dolly Parton

                Meet Jan Magee

                It’s National Tell a Story Day!

                Tennessee Arts Commision launches new Gift-A-Tag Campaign

                Dill Pickers

                Megan Hicks

                Antonio Rocha

                National Storytelling Festival 2015


                Andy Offutt Irwin

                Beth Horner

                Noa Baum - New Voice

                Noa Baum

                Jan Blake

                Jan Blake

                Adam Booth - New Voice

                Peter Cook

                Peter Cook

                Doug Elliott

                Donald Davis

                Doug Elliott

                Beth Horner

                Andy Offutt Irwin

                Sheila Arnold Jones - New Voice

                Susan Klein

                Susan Klein

                Bil Lepp

                Jay O’Callahan

                Mats Rehnman - International New Voice

                Mats Rehnman

                Kim Weitkamp

                Don White - New Voice

                Don White

                Evening Concert Featuring Tim Lowry

                Storytelling Workshop presented by Tom Lee

                Storytelling Workshop presented by Regi Carpenter

                2015 Civility Week - April 19-24 “Be Different, Be One”

                Donald Davis Gives TEDx Talk

                Tellers in Residence 2015

                Festival Preregistration discount period ends March 31