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This week’s teller in residence: Bil Lepp

2016 Story Slam

Everyone is a Storyteller

United States of Arts

Storytelling Live! series starts May 5th

Tellers in Residence 2016

Barbara McBride-Smith

Barbara McBride-Smith

Bil Lepp

Bil Lepp

Kevin Kling

Carol Birch

David Novak

Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton - New Voice

Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton

Ingrid Nixon

Ingrid Nixon - New Voice

Will Hornyak - New Voice

Linda Gorham - New Voice

Clare Muireann Murphy - International


Baba Jamal Koram

Dan Keding

Michael Reno Harrell

Storytelling Live! tickets to go on sale April 1

Storytelling Workshop presented by Tim Lowry

Storytelling Workshop presented by Minton Sparks

Storytelling Workshop presented by Anne Rutherford

The Silver Dove

Stories in Motion: Modern Art Meets Ancient Myth

Stories in Motion: Modern Art Meets Ancient Myth

The Silver Dove

Leigh Ann Schneider

Children’s Concert with Olga Loya

Children’s Concert with Willy Claflin

Evening Concert Featuring Rev. Robert Jones

Rachel Stiltner

Storytelling & Community in Jonesborough, Tennessee

Mr. George and Me

Stories in Motion: Remembering David Bowie

Stories in Motion: Remembering David Bowie

Mr. George and Me

Clare Muireann Murphy

Don White

Oba William King

Minton Sparks

Noa Baum

Olga Loya

Anne Rutherford

ISC President Kiran Sirah Invited to Give Talk in Charleston, SC

ISC Remembers James C. Martin

Our Year in Review

Joining the Storytelling Revolution

Kevin Kling: Lost and Found

The Story of a Tennessee Champion

In Honor of International Human Rights Day

ISC to Receive NEA Grant

Tennessee Gift-A-Tag Program

You’ve started your shopping. Now give the gift that matters.

Between the Parentheses: Don White on the National Storytelling Festival

In Her Own Words: Carol Transou

Meet the Press

Remembering the 43rd Annual National Storytelling Festival

Who’s Who at the National Storytelling Festival Edition

Three Ways to Honor Veterans Day

Students travel to the National Storytelling Festival

Footage from the National Storytelling Festival

National Storytelling Festival to Air on Sirius XM

We’re in the Boston Globe!

Meet Maeva Ordaz

Seven Hidden Gems at the National Storytelling Festival

Seeing Southern: Shortest Distance Between People

The National Storytelling Festival Livestream

2015 National Storytelling Festival Schedule Now Available

From our friends at The Boston Globe

ISC Partners with Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Tickets on sale now for Jay O’Callahan’s Storytelling Theater

2015 Storytelling Studio Schedule Announced

Story Slam!

Old School, New Rules

    Deadline Friday, August 12th!

    Have you got what it takes to be the National Storytelling Festival’s next Best Story Slammer? Anyone’s welcome to apply – all you need is a little bit of courage and a true, five-minute story that suits this year’s theme, LOST AND FOUND.

    Applications are in the form of a recorded 2-minute story excerpt. (Details below.) All entries will be judged by a panel and six will be selected to tell at the National Storytelling Festival on Saturday, October 8. Those selected will receive a weekend ticket to the Festival!


      • Your story must connect to the theme LOST AND FOUND in some way. (Note: You do not need to say the words of the theme in your story, but your story should connect to that idea.) Be creative!

      • True, original stories only.
      • Contestants must be at least 16 years old.
      • Stories must be told, not read. No notes or props.
      • Content must be suitable for a general audience, ages 13 and up.
      • Former featured National Storytelling Festival tellers are not eligible to enter.
      • Be sure it’s a story with a beginning, middle and end, and not a joke or anecdote.
      • You’ll be notified if you’ve been chosen for the Slam by August 31.

    First place: $300
    Second place: $150
    Third place: $50

    You can enter by providing an excerpt of your story by phone or by mailing a recording.

    To enter by phone: Call 1-888-600-3135 and follow the prompts. You’ll be asked for your name, phone number, and email address. Then provide a two minute excerpt of your story.

    To mail, send recording to:
    International Storytelling Center
    Attn: Story Slam
    116 W. Main
    Jonesborough, TN 37659

    Deadline to enter is Friday, August 12. You’ll be notified if you’re ‘in’ by August 31.

    It is a competition – and if you are selected to tell at the Festival, you’ll only have five minutes at the mic to wow the judges. You will be judged on your performance, how well the story is crafted, its connection to the theme, and adherence to the 5-minute time limit. Please remember you do not have to say the theme LOST AND FOUND in your story; it only needs to be implied. Be creative!

    Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

    The International Storytelling Center (ISC) and Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort have joined forces to highlight the art of storytelling.  The new resort is committed to maintaining and building new multigenerational storytelling traditions. The partnership leverages ISC’s expertise in planning, designing and using storytelling to assist with training, performances and other special activities that incorporate the art of storytelling into the DreamMore Resort experience.

    The ISC To-Do List: National Storytelling Festival Edition

    Adventures in Education

    Meet Steve Killelea

    ISC Remembers Roslyn

    Summer Interns Hard at Work

    Download the Official ISC App

    An Interview about the Power of Storytelling

    The Transformative Power of Storytelling

    ISC Library Named for Jim and Sonia King

    International Nelson Mandela Day

    ISC Exhibit App

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      Storytelling for Peace
      What do the latest summer blockbuster movie, a captivating third grade teacher, a doctor with a gracious bedside manner, and a successful peace negotiator all have in common? They all help to build a better life, a better world through the power of storytelling. Whether to entertain, educate, heal, or resolve conflict, stories are the most fundamental way that we connect. 

      The Power of Storytelling
      Established as a non-profit educational and cultural institution ISC produces over 300 hours of live performances, engages 65 world-class professional storytellers, touches thousands of lives each year and fosters storytelling programs across the global stage, fulfilling its vision to build a better life and a better world through the power of storytelling. 

      National Storytelling Festival
      Many years ago, in a distant kingdom known as America, 60 people gathered in a tiny town in Tennessee to indulge in a simple, but nearly forgotten, tradition: storytelling. From those humble beginnings, a storytelling revival was born. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Jonesborough, the storytelling capital of the world, The International Storytelling Center continues to produce the oldest and most prestigious event in the world devoted exclusively to arts of storytelling; The National Storytelling Festival.

      R. Jim Stahl

      Anne Rutherford

      Will McInerney

      Oba William King

      Rixon Lane

      Natalie Daise

      Stories That Are Changing the World: A Report from Brazil

      Peace be with you, through storytelling

      National Storytelling Festival Named Top Tourist Attraction