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Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman

Author, storyteller and playwright, Linda Goodman, an Appalachian Mountain native of Melungeon descent, learned the art of storytelling from her father, a former coal miner who was himself a master yarnspinner.  Goodman draws on her roots to create a world where fantasy and ordinary heroes come together; she also tells traditional tales using a wide array of voices that bring characters to life. 

Her works are known for their Southern Appalachian flavor, and her award-winning CDs have aired on several NPR programs.  Goodman has performed nationwide and been published in the Chicken Soup and Stories for the Heart series. 

“More than just a writer and teller of tales, Goodman has the uncanny ability to become her characters … a vengeful girl, a bigoted father, a store owner who nightly gave milk to a haint.”  – The Harvard Spirit

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