I Needed to Unplug to Recharge

In December, I traveled home to the UK for a few weeks. While I spent most of my time there with family, I had the unusual opportunity to ring in the New Year right by the sea, in a hut on the English coast.

For me (and for many people, I think), the end of the year is a time to relax and unplug as much as possible from work and even from social media. (Admittedly, this is pretty easy to accomplish in a remote hut! I recommend it.) It’s also a time to reflect and get re-energized for the year to come—and believe me, we have a huge year planned at ISC.

The end of winter vacation is always a little melancholy, but one thing that happens during those days and weeks with friends and family is that we make new memories. These are the stories that we carry with us into the new year.

What stories are you carrying into 2015? This past October, with special guest of the Festival Larry Smith, we asked festival goers to share their Six Word Memoirs®—micro stories about what they saw, heard, or felt during their time in Jonesborough. We’d love to hear a six-word story about what you did over the holidays. In case you’re wondering, that’s mine in the title.

By Kiran Singh Sirah

Executive Director