Storyteller’s Corner

Our storytellers share their 2018 stories

We asked our community to share their dreams, goals, and stories for 2018. Now, we’re sharing them with you.

In 2018 I will strive for positivity. My goals will be focusing more on writing, finding ways to work stories about conflict resolution into my sets, and spending time with family. There is so much about telling and writing I have yet to learn. I mean to keep myself open to opportunities, to be a student this year as often as I can.
—Donna Washington

During this coming year I will both hope and act on the desire for an integrated life. Having shared both original and traditional stories for over 40 years on five different continents, it is time to draw skills, passion, and abilities together to serve the future. Now is the time for stories that wake us up to the urgent needs of our planet and its people.

Best to You All,
—Judith Black

My story for 2018 is that of hope in a sea of hopelessness, courage in an environment of turmoil, patience in a world of rapid change and confidence in a climate of uncertainty.

My goals are to secure an agent that shares my vision and understands my gift to reach a broader audience, especially children. (I have been storytelling for 32 years by word of mouth and I’ve always wondered, “If I am this busy without an agent, what would I be doing with one?”)

My dreams are to provide healing to communities and instill good morals and values in our youth.

My hope is that we recognize the need to address the environmental issues which are destroying our planet and join the global community in preserving earth for future generations.

My aspirations are to continue to learn, grow, and make those whom I come in contact with everyday feel better and contagiously spread a message of love, joy, and peace.
—Mitchell G. Capel (“Gran’daddy Junebug”)

I have to say that 2017 was our best year so far. But, with that said, we are always looking ahead. I think for the vast majority of us who travel around the country telling stories, it is the people that we get to interact with who make being a storyteller such a joy. Whether it is the event staff, the fans, or the other storytellers, the storytelling family is such a welcoming group. We tellers get to see America and are never tourists. Folks everywhere want to share their favorite places, foods, and friends with us. So, for 2018 Joan and I are looking forward to getting to see more old friends and to making new ones.
—Michael Reno

I have had such a rich 2017, that I am really looking forward to 2018. My word for the year is “Joy,” and I will be carrying Anne Rutherford’s story, “The Habit of Joy,” in my spirit along with words of joy from the Bible. One of my goals this year is to craft and tell more 30-minute folktales, fairy tales, and literary tales, bringing these more to life and to the ears of more listeners. I also desire to develop a stronger connection with storytellers in England, learning and sharing with them. Finally, I want to create more arts collaborations, working with writers, visual artists, dancers, and arts organizations. Excited about all the new in-roads begun and strengthening and sharing those.
—Sheila Arnold Jones

The storyteller said, “What else is there to talk about? I can’t think of a good story.”

The gods heard the storytellers lament, and being good listeners they were willing to oblige.

The storyteller was struck with a herniated disc, crippling sciatica, and consequent surgery.

Now the storyteller has a story to tell.

Lesson the storyteller will carry into 2018: NEVER complain that you can’t think of a good story. It’s better just to make stuff up!
—Tim Lowry