Teller Showcase with Josh Goforth, Elizabeth Ellis, Nestor Gomez, Hiroya Tsukamoto, Geraldine Buckley, & Bil Lepp

October 1 @ 10:00 am11:30 am

116 W. Main Street, Jonesborough

The Mind Is Listening

Virtual Event TN

Engagement is the foundation of all learning. Children connect completely and instantly with stories, empathizing with every character and problem, and listening with their whole minds. This workshop will explore […]


Storytelling and Memory Loss: A Workshop for Caregivers

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Memory loss comes in many shapes and forms. Like music, stories are a tool that unlocks interaction across that spectrum, including advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia. In this workshop, you’ll learn […]


Pre-Festival Workshops

International Storytelling Center 100 West Main St, Jonesborough

You can participate with a community of fellow learners in pre-Festival workshops available Thursday, September 30 at the International Storytelling Center. More information coming soon!