Friends of Storytelling Festival

Virginia Buhr

Kent & Cathy Taylor

Ted Parkhurst

Ann Riza

Kerry Stubbs

Lauri & Don Davenport

Leigh & Andy Ellis

Stephen Mayer

Joan Pinkerton

Donald & Trish Davis

Carl Russell

Harry Powell

Ralph Perry

In Memory of Carolyn & Richter Moore

Marcia Hupp

Marilyn Stempeck

Leah Cannon Portis

Shirley Stafford

Scott & Carol Len Portis

Louie Gump

Dr. Eric Sandgren & Ms. Holly McEntee

Linda Poland – In Memory of Jim Poland

Larry Gilmer

Dan Mahoney

Ferris Lyle

Lynda Harris

Anne Reel

Edward Bowman

Ingrid Nixon

Debbie Jones

Corinne Stavish

Parker & Susan Sherrill

Rebecca Isbell

Rebekah Harris

Emily Jerrigan

Join us for the 2022 National Storytelling Festival

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