Storytelling 360: New Heights, New Horizons

ISC’s mission is to use storytelling to build a better world. One way we do that is by inviting world-class artists to share stories on stage. Another is by helping regular people see that stories are an essential tool in their own daily lives. Stories help us build happy, healthy habitats and develop creative solutions to the problems we encounter day to day. And stories cultivate hope and empathy in difficult situations, including for at-risk youth, burned out health care workers, or anyone else who’s having a hard time.

This year, ISC is deepening the organization’s digital curricula and educational resources to make them more accessible — especially for underserved populations. We’re offering more free and subsidized concert tickets, tailored educational programs, storytelling-based trainings, and materials for our online learning library. We’re putting these powerful tools in the hands of the people who need them most, helping the next generation build a love for the arts that will nurture spirits and enrich lives for decades to come.

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ISC’s inclusive approach values everyone’s story across cultures. Our shared storytelling heritage includes multicultural traditions, marginalized voices, international perspectives, and emerging artists. We know that, together, we can build a more connected, peaceful, and productive world.

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