Curriculum Guides

These curriculum guides were designed by and for secondary and post-secondary instructors. Please use them to augment existing curriculum in your classroom, as guides for further independent study, or simply for fostering community conversations.

Notes about these guides:

First, they are just that—guides. They are meant to offer suggestions for how you might approach these important yet sensitive topics in your classroom, as well as ideas for how you might augment existing curriculum in your classroom. Please adapt them as necessary to fit your classroom’s needs.

Second, while they are aimed at 10th grade students, many of the activities can easily be adapted both for lower and higher grades, and we encourage you to do so.

Third, since the International Storytelling Center is based in Tennessee, we have used the Tennessee state academic standards for Social Studies as our guide, but have also included Common Core standards where appropriate in an attempt to provide some reciprocity between, and among, state curriculums. Please feel free to use your own state standards in place of Tennessee or Common Core standards.

Fourth, our collective understanding of the subject matter covered in these Freedom Stories Curriculum Guides is ever-evolving as we unearth forgotten narratives and seek out more complete truths. As such, there may be instances where certain instructional approaches are no longer useful, or where certain resources are no longer applicable. We encourage you to keep this in mind as you use these guides and adapt activities with new information as it becomes available.

Last, we welcome your feedback about these guides and their role in your classroom. Please reach out to us at with comments, questions, and suggestions.

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