A New Era of Storytelling

We’re always looking for new ways to share our story as an organization. Consider this your one-stop-shop for official announcements, upcoming events, our President’s travel diaries, industry news, archival recordings from our tellers, and more.

Want a quick hit of “just the facts”? The News page is where we keep you informed about what’s going on at ISC. If you have a few extra minutes for a more leisurely read, we recommend the ISC Blog, which is where we keep dispatches from our President, features on special ISC projects, and our digital publication Stories in Motion, which examines storytelling in the context of other disciplines. We’ve also recently launched a new podcast, StoryVault, where we’ll highlight vintage performances from some of our most beloved storytellers.

Please check back often for updates!

Submit Your Story

Everyone has a story and we’d like to hear yours and feature in our StoryVault Podcast.  Each month we’ll post a different theme for StoryVault submissions.

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