Become a Part of Our Story:
Ways to Support ISC

What it Means to Support ISC

Sharing stories is a transformative process that creates positive change in the world. Stories tell us who we are and where we come from. Stories also who other people are and where they come from. At the International Storytelling Center (ISC), our mission is to enrich lives through storytelling. 

For half a century, ISC has been at the forefront of the American Storytelling Revival, sustaining storytelling as a traditional folk art, promoting innovation in the field, and leading efforts to incorporate storytelling into peacebuilding and justice movements across the world. 

When you make a gift, sponsor a program, or decide to volunteer, you are supporting our vision of a world made better for all people through the power of storytelling. 

Ways to Give

The success and growth of the International Storytelling Center is due in large part to the generous support of people like you. You can become a regular donor or make a one-time gift today. Become a part of our story and support our mission of a better world through the power of storytelling.

Len Cabral at Children's Programming
Sheroes Journey

Programs to Support

You can help us share the gift of storytelling by supporting one of our many storytelling programs. You can give the most talented professional storytellers a stage where they can reach the world by supporting our flagship program, the National Storytelling Festival, or our Storytelling Live!, world-class Youth and Education programs, or the Merle Davis Story Listener Fund.

Become a Friend of Storytelling Live!

Friends of Storytelling Live! help fund special events like evening shows, workshops, and children’s concerts. Your donation comes with different benefits, such as complimentary tickets, special acknowledgment, and even season passes.

Ingrid on Stage Storytelling Live

Become a Friend of the Festival

The growth and success of our Festival is due in large part to the help of people like you who love and support live storytelling. As a Friend of the National Storytelling Festival, your investment shares the gift of storytelling with the world by bringing together storytelling legends, new voices, and talent representing cultures from across the world. 

Become a Sponsor

Traditional sponsorships and the donation of goods and services help make it possible for the ISC to lead the region in arts and culture with the world-renowned National Storytelling Festival, Storytelling Live!, and our many educational initiatives. As a sponsor you will receive special access to events, the facility, and acknowledgment for your generosity.

Volunteer hat with buttons

Become a Volunteer

ISC is grateful for all of the volunteers who help during the Festival and Storytelling Live! Meet some new friends and hear some new stories – become a volunteer today!

Support the Arts in Tennessee

What better way to tell the world you support the arts than with a Tennessee Arts Commission Arts plate. Just take your old plate to your county clerk and swap it—they will prorate your tag fees, so you don’t have to wait until your tag renewal is due.

TN4Arts License Plate


Sandy Reaves 

Director of Finance