October 4-6, 2024

Every October since 1973, thousands of travelers have visited Tennessee’s oldest town. They come for one purpose–to hear stories and to tell them at the National Storytelling Festival. This celebration of America’s rich and varied storytelling tradition, the oldest and most respected gathering anywhere in America devoted to storytelling, has in turn spawned a national revival of this venerable art. ISC is excited to welcome you to the storytelling capital of the world October 6-8, 2023 to celebrate the power of storytelling. 

Countdown to the 2024 National Storytelling Festival


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Kent & Cathy Taylor

Mary Lynn Dobson

Randy & Nancy Evensen

Arthur Ellis

Joy Bolt

Melinda Welton & John Noel

David Gooch

Shane & Ann Riza

Carl & Vicki Russell

Ballad Health

Virginia Buhr

Henry & Flora Joy

Margaret Harris

Pleasant Despain

Ingrid Nixon

Mary Jane Brown & Dennis Sander

Marcy Hawley

Marilyn Stempeck

Donald & Trish Davis

Chuck Fink

Carolyn and Andy Andrews

Phil & Eileen Stauffer

Amelia G. Brown

Dr. Robert & Carol K. Frist

Rose Marie S. Burriss


Shirley Stafford

Jay & Cari Jarman

Colleen Dolan-Greene

Chuck Fink

Betty Lentz

Buzz & Linda Chernoff

Liz Weir

Debbie Jones

Judith Nelson

Beth Horner

Bedford Transou

Anne Jellison

Ralph Perry

Corinne Stavish

Gary & Barbara Duerk

Carole & Foye Webb

Jeff & Colleen Doyle

Larry & Deloris Gilmer

Ferris Lyle

Mary Jane Mattern

Anne Reel

Carol Fair

Lynn & JoAnn Spees

Judith Story

Erin & Sam Rosolina

Kerry Stubbs

Matthew & Karen Clark

Georgeanne & George Oxnam

Cassandra & Howard Gray

Sarah Brady

Drs. Linda & Gordon Huntress & Family

Joel & Jean Conger 

William & Virginia Kennedy 

Dwight Mitchell

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