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Special Events

In addition to main stage performances, other special events will be presented during the Festival weekend and before - don’t miss them!

Come to Jonesborough early and join Donald Davis for a remarkable evening of storytelling, Wednesday night, October 3rd on the Festival grounds.

Stay up late and enjoy a night of rollicking, grown-up fun at the ever-popular Midnight Cabaret.

Brave the Ghost Story Concerts with two different collections of frightening tales served up beneath the nighttime sky during open-air performances which are always a Festival favorite.   

Hear a specially-invited showcase of storytellers new to the National Storytelling Festival stage at a revered festival custom, Exchange Place.

Join the fun of the National Storytelling Festival Story Slam! where the teller is you!

Take part in a Festival tradition at the Swappin’ Ground. Here, anyone can tell a tale and many do.  You can even share a story of your own, just be sure to register ahead of time at Festival headquarters.

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Swappin' Ground

Swappin’ Ground

Swappin' Ground tradition in Storytelling Park.

Wine and Beer Garden

Relax in the afternoon at the Festival's Wine and Beer Garden.

Yarnspinners’ Party

Celebrate with the Festival Tellers at the Yarnspinners' Party

Exchange Place

Exchange Place

Diverse American storytelling.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Frightening tales beneath the nighttime sky.

Midnight Cabaret

Rollicking, grown-up fun!

Storytelling Studios

A one-time only opportunity, these fascinating and intimate conversations offer listeners an up-close and revealing look at some of their favorite tellers.