Learning Library

ISC’s Learning Library is a living compendium of information and resources dedicated to the art and practice of applied storytelling. Library resources are designed to accommodate the needs and schedule of anyone who wants to learn more about how storytelling can achieve goals and make a difference. Here you will find information on our projects, free downloadable toolkits, and resources for implementing storytelling practices in a wide variety of fields, from education to healthcare to peacebuilding. 

Learning Library

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K-12 Classroom Resources

Explore ways to use storytelling to connect your students to one another, to their subject matter, and to the wider world. 

Empowerment Initatives

Storytelling is not just about entertainment. It is also about amplifying marginalized voices, fostering connections and compassion, building capacity and strength, and actively working to create a better world. Explore our initiatives which are working toward these goals. 

Training Services

ISC President Kiran Singh Sirah offers a variety of talks, workshops, and consultations to train organizations around the globe in the practice of applied storytelling. Link will direct you to his online speaker’s profile for more information. 


From video lists to academic papers, the art and practice of storytelling has a wide impact. Peruse just a few of our favorite examples.


Go deeper into storytelling practices with these free toolkits designed by experts in the field. 

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