Staging the Event

Where your event takes place is obviously a central consideration. Sometimes a location will be a clear choice, particularly if you or a collaborator host events in your own space. Other times, you may need to hunt for the right spot. Cost, capacity, accessibility, and availability are all very important considerations that will inform the rest of your planning process.

Site Options

  • Your organization’s space
  • A partner or collaborator’s space
  • A community space (e.g., the library, a public park)
  • A rented space

Site Considerations

  • Location
  • Inclement weather options (for outdoor events)
  • Capacity
  • Cost
  • Accessibility
  • Availability
  • Technological equipment
  • Contractual requirements (e.g., cancellation policy, deposit amount, insurance)
  • Aesthetics
  • Set-up needs
  • Clean-up needs

Telling Your Story
Every project is an opportunity to tell the story of your cause or organization. Consider how this particular story might be used in promotional materials, on your website, or as a toolkit (like this one) that helps others replicate your work.


  • How does this project fit with your other work? What is its context?
  • Can you take your own pictures, or do you need a photographer? Would a videographer be more appropriate?
  • If you’re working with a professional, what is the projected cost and what will the deliverables be? For instance, will your videographer deliver raw footage or produce a five-minute video?
  • How might you use these materials? (For your newsletter? Your website? A report to funders?) There are many possibilities.
  • Ask your participants for the appropriate permissions to use their image or share their story. They might need to sign a release form, which you should prepare in advance.
  • Can you collect testimonials or other forms of feedback from participants?

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