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The International Storytelling Center is an educational, arts, and cultural non-profit institution dedicated to building a better world through the power of storytelling. We’ve accomplished so much as leaders of the movement since we were established in 1973—and we have big plans to expand our reach in service of building a better world through the power of storytelling.


Traditional sponsorships and the donation of goods and services help make it possible for the ISC to lead the region in arts and culture with the world renowned National Storytelling Festival, the distinguished Teller-in-Residence program and our many educational initiatives.  As a sponsor you will receive special access to events, the facility, and acknowledgment for your generiosity.

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The support of donors like you make the International Storytelling Center a success.  From regular donors to one-time gifts, every one who contributes to promoting our mission helps connect the world through the art of storytelling.

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Tennessee resident?

What better way to tell the world you support the arts than with a Tennessee Arts Commission Arts plate. Just take your old plate to your county clerk and swap it—they will prorate your tag fees, so you don’t have to wait until your tag renewal is due.

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