The Young Appalachian Story Summit

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The event focuses on a critical issue: how youth can use storytelling as a leadership tool to create Appalachia’s future. Summit participants have the opportunity to hear from diverse voices within Appalachia; to understand how to take action in their own communities; and to join a network of like-minded young Appalachians to collaborate with beyond the event. The Summit focuses on the issues in Appalachia that attendees are passionate about and participants have the opportunity to customize one-of-a-kind agendas based on their own interests and experience. 


  • The Young Appalachian Story Summit is for participants aged 16-30. For participants under 18, parental permission is required and the appropriate forms will be sent to you separately.
  • ISC has limited funds based on financial need and can provide overnight accommodations on Friday, October 19, 2019, prior to the event. This is only available to attendees traveling more than 90 miles to attend the summit.
  • "Storytelling: Finding Your Story" is designed for those seeking their story. This session with Kiran Sirah will aim to draw that story out and allow you to explore what that story means to you. "Storytelling: Telling Your Story" is crafted for attendees who know what story they want to tell, but not how to tell it. This workshop with Hilarie Spangler will focus more on technique and performance of one's story in an effective way.
  • Telling Your Story Through Zines has a max attendance of 25 people. Should that be your first choice, please choose a second choice as well from the drop down below. We want everyone to be able to have the storytelling experience that would best benefit them, but due to attendance restrictions you may be placed in your second choice workshop.

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