Jackson Gillman

Referred to as a “Stand-Up Chameleon,” the term encapsulates Jackson Gillman’s skills as a storyteller, comic, songsmith, and sign language and movement artist. He has performed across the country and as Rudyard-in-Residence at Kipling’s historic Vermont home.

Known for his eccentric character work and comedy, Gillman enjoys using the quirks and quiet in daily life for grist in his storytelling as he regales his audience with his perceptions, astute and askew. And when all is said and sung, it is apparent that there is an underlying foundation of beneficence, hope, and spirit infusing his work.

“Everything about him – his body, his voice, his choice of movements – has a breathtaking economy that lets the simplicity of the story speak for itself. Gillman is a masterly storyteller.”  – Christian Science Monitor

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