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Lipbone Redding

A musician, and artist, Lipbone Redding merges the magic and the ordinary through his songs, music, and storytelling. Originally from Greenville, NC, Lipbone has gone from making a living as a NYC subway performer to touring the world, both with a band and solo. He takes pride in his collaborations with diverse styles of expression: he has created works with modern dance companies, classical, electronic, avant-garde, and world musicians, and for theater, art installations, workshops, internet, television, and film. Among his other activities, Lipbone is the artist-in-residence at Oak Grove Retreat in Tarboro, NC, where he leads weekly workshops and co-organizes the semi-annual “Profound Sound Retreat” series.  Above all, he remains open to the new, the interesting, and the beautiful. 

From New York’s subway to stages around the world, Lipbone Redding’s music stretches like a string that’s never-ending… his approach dips into jazz and blues with a New Orleans touch, swaths of Latin America tango with occasional dollops of Asian flair and American funk. Like an international rainbow, Redding’s style reaches out to touch many a someone.  —Herald Courier

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