Niall de Burca

Niall de Búrca, considered one of Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers, grew up in the West of Ireland, a region steeped in Gaelic tradition. He combines traditional stories with original tales, and is a familiar figure to many in his homeland through his performances in theater, festivals and radio. Internationally recognized for his energetic and animated style of storytelling, de Búrca has performed worldwide, including in the U.S., Bangladesh, Denmark, Russia, and Japan. This past year he toured through the Hawaiian Islands, Samoa and Aotearoa New Zealand.  His storytelling credo is the Irish proverb Nior bhris focal maith fiacal riamh … A good word never broke a tooth.

“His ability to evoke a wide range of emotions from his rapt audience enables him to bewitch people with his stories and makes listening to him as well as watching him an unforgettable experience.” – Vienna Book Review

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