Peter Chand – New International Voice

Peter Chand is one of Europe’s finest storytellers who has told his fantastic tales all over Britain, and in Ireland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Canada, Denmark, and India.  Of Punjabi heritage, Peter is constantly in demand for his fantastic tales and has worked with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Chand’s parents migrated to Britain from the Punjab region in the 1950s, and though he was born in the Midlands, Peter grew up using Punjabi as his first language. He combines these two cultures seamlessly to tell stories full of life, wisdom, and humor. Peter is also one of the organizers of the Festival at the Edge (FatE) International Storytelling Festival, the longest-running festival of its kind in England. 

Inspiration was dripping out of every word… It seems to be a story can have a life of its own. – Amsterdam Storytelling Festival (Netherlands)

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