Tom Lee

Tom Lee is a professional storyteller with 30 years of experience performing traditional stories, folktales, and myths for adults and children. His interest in traditional stories began while he was working as a cook in a tiny fishing village in Scotland. Tom’s first storytelling performances were tales from Grimm, told in the London pub theater called, appropriately, “The Man in the Moon.” Tom has worked extensively in classrooms with children of all ages as the artistic director of artsVOYAGE, a unique arts-in-education program that uses arts to enhance learning across the K-12 curriculum. “When it comes to stories,” he says, “children have taught me everything I know.” Tom is roster artist with Arts for Learning, Connecticut and a frequent guest artist at The Metropolitan Opera Education Conference, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Yale Center for British Art.

Every so often you encounter a performer who changes your thinking about familiar art forms.  You step back, reconsider and say ‘wow.’  Tom Lee is such a performer. – Time Out London

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