A Quintessential Southern Wedding

Since we often open up our facilities for events like weddings, receptions, and luncheons, we have the pleasure of sharing in a lot of special occasions here at the International Storytelling Center. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re tickled pink to share the story of Savannah and Zachary, whose wedding we hosted last summer.


The young couple’s story begins back in high school French class, where they sat next to each other. (Though they nourished secret crushes on one another, they didn’t pursue a relationship till years after graduation.) Years later, when they started planning their wedding, Savannah had her heart set on ISC as the venue. Smitten with the beauty of its wraparound porch, she was soon sold on its convenience. She knew she wanted to have the ceremony and the reception at the same spot.

Savannah’s strong Southern sensibility was evident in every carefully planned detail, from the vintage china to the comfort food-inspired menu. In addition to a feast of fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, mac and cheese, flaky buttered biscuits, and homemade lemonade, there were the desserts. First there was pie, and plenty of it (including cherry, apple, coconut, pecan, and chocolate), then there were the cakes—a sugar cookie “groom’s cake” (Zachary’s not much of a cake fan) and a traditional wedding cake.

But the bride’s favorite detail was the farmhouse tables her stepfather custom-built for the occasion. “I knew that I wanted exposed wooden tables from the beginning, but in the Tri-Cities area, renting them wasn’t an option,” said Savannah, who was disappointed by all the plastic folding tables at local rental companies. “One night, my mother got the brilliant idea that we should just build them.”


The process took the better part of a year, and the entire family was still building and staining and painting up until a few days prior to the wedding. Now those very tables are now available to rent for other events thanks to Savannah’s mother, who started a rental company so people could more easily source beautiful pieces locally.

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Thanks to Savannah and Zachary for sharing their story. All images by Natalie Wilson Photography.