ISC Launches Storytelling Toolkit

In collaboration with Partners for Democratic Change, an international organization dedicated to building a culture of change and conflict management, the International Storytelling Center (ISC) recently launched “Telling Stories That Matter,” a free toolkit for educators, peace builders, students, volunteers, business leaders, and other individuals.

Designed to help a wide variety of people and organizations explore storytelling as a way to build community, the toolkit offers strategies for eliciting, collecting, sharing, and presenting stories and other meaningful conversations in an ethical way.

Authored by ISC’s President, Kiran Singh Sirah, the toolkit was informed by his deep experience as a cultural practitioner, folklorist, and peace builder. He offers techniques and tips for cross-cultural collaboration, conflict prevention, and community empowerment, as well as information about how to promote understanding, establish interfaith dialogues, build rapport and solidarity, and break down barriers.

The toolkit is available now on ISC’s website, in the learning library. Access the digital version or download the PDF.

*Photo by Michael O. Snyder