Gifts that Cost You Nothing Now

Making an impact that lasts beyond your lifetime is easy, accessible, and affordable. Leaving a gift to ISC in your will or designating ISC as the beneficiary to your retirement account doesn’t cost you anything now, and may be the best way to make a lifetime impact on the future of storytelling. 


Gifts in a Will

A gift in your will to ISC is one of the easiest ways to create your legacy with the next generation of storytellers.

  • Costs you nothing now to give in this way;
  • Flexible: You can alter your gift or change your mind at any time and for any reason;
  • Lasting impact: Your gift will create your legacy with ISC, letting the world know how much you value the power of storytelling.

4 Simple ‘no-cost-now’ Ways to Give in your Will

You can mix these no-cost ways together. For example, you might consider leaving a specific percentage (such as 50%) of the residual to ISC contingent upon the survival of your spouse.

Gifts by Beneficiary Designation

It’s easy to put your bank accounts, retirement funds, savings bonds, and other assets to create a better world through the power of storytelling.

By naming the International Storytelling Center as a beneficiary of these assets, you share the gift of a good story, well told with future generations, for decades to come. 

Potential benefits of gifts by beneficiary designation:

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on retirement assets;
  • Reduce or avoid probate fees;
  • No cost to you now to give;
  • Create your legacy with ISC
  • Share the power of storytelling with future generations

To name ISC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, contact your bank or insurance company to see whether a change of beneficiary form must be completed.

How to Change a Beneficiary Designation


Sandy Reaves

Director of Finance